Trump sets a date for defeating Corona, and the Pentagon warns of the worst

Trump sets a date for defeating Corona, and the Pentagon warns of the worst

Shafaq News/ In light of the outbreak of Corona epidemic around the world, US President Donald Trump has set a target date for defeating the deadly virus, indicating that the administration will provide its full potential to deliver medical aid to all states.

"We will try to defeat Corona virus by Easter next month," Trump said at the daily crisis cell crisis press conference to counter Corona.

He explained that Corona virus targets about 170 countries, stressing that the US administration will continue to provide equipment and masks to counter the deadly virus outbreak.

Trump stressed that Corona crisis shows the importance of protecting our borders, adding, "We are working to issue the largest financial support package for individuals and institutions affected by Corona."

"We will work to restore the momentum to our economy," the US president said. "We will continue to be a leading economic power and we will achieve victory against Corona virus."

Earlier, Trump warned that the general closure in the United States, which is starting to cause an economic crisis, could "destroy" the country.

"We could destroy a country if we closed it that way," Trump said in comments to Fox News, adding that he would reassess next week the repercussions of the closure, which some have called for 15 days to implement.

The US President considered that "a significant contraction" could outnumber the victims of the emerging corona virus in the United States, expressing his hope for the rapid resumption of economic activity.

"We can lose a certain number of people due to influenza. But we may lose a greater number if we dump the country in a great shrink ," he said, pointing to the possibility of "thousands of suicides."

Meanwhile, prominent leaders of Pentagon said that the rapid spread of Corona virus in the United States may continue for several months, and that the army will continue to support efforts to combat it as long as necessary.

The virus has killed more than 660 people in the United States and infected more than 50,000.

Asked during a government meeting via the Internet, US Defense Secretary Mark Esper said, "How long can the outbreak last and how long will the military continue to support efforts to tackle the virus?" All precautions to do so. "

During the same meeting, General Mark Millie, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said that while the time range is unclear, given the experiences of other countries, which may or may not apply to the United States, the outbreak may continue until July.

"If they do apply, we most likely believe the outbreak will continue until late May or June and possibly late July," he added.

Earlier, the Pentagon announced that the number of Corona virus infections in the military ranks was 174.

The World Health Organization predicted that the world will witness a "significant" rise in deaths caused by Corona virus, which has infected more than 338,000 people so far.

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