White House rebukes Netanyahu's claims of withheld military aid

White House rebukes Netanyahu's claims of withheld military aid

Shafaq News/ White House spokesperson John Kirby on Thursday disputed comments made by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who alleged that the Biden administration was withholding weapons and ammunition.

"We didn't know that video was coming. It was perplexing to say the least," Kirby told reporters in response to Netanyahu's remarks, which were made in a video posted on social media earlier in the week.

"No other country has done more or will continue to do more than the United States to help Israel defend itself," Kirby added. "Those comments were deeply disappointing and vexing to us."

Kirby expressed uncertainty about Netanyahu's motives for making such comments. "You'd have to talk to the prime minister about what prompted him to do that," he said.

"Again, it was vexing and disappointing to us, as much as it was incorrect. So, difficult to know exactly what was on his mind there."

Kirby's remarks marked the strongest pushback from the White House yet against Netanyahu's recent statements.

On Tuesday, Netanyahu posted a video on X, where he spoke in English, saying it was "inconceivable that, in the past few months, the administration has been withholding weapons and ammunitions to Israel."

While the White House did pause a shipment of 2,000-pound bombs to Israel over concerns about their use in densely populated areas of Gaza, other military aid has continued. This includes assistance from the US in thwarting a drone attack by Iran earlier this year, despite concerns from some Democrats.

President Biden and other Democrats have expressed growing frustration with the war in Gaza, where local officials report over 37,000 people have been killed.

Last month, Biden warned he would stop supplying Israel with offensive weapons, such as bombs and artillery shells, if it proceeded with an invasion of Rafah. However, the White House has maintained that Israel has not crossed a red line, even after an Israeli strike killed dozens of Palestinians in the southern Gaza city.

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