Trump Administration to impose new Sanctions against Syria


Shafaq news/ according to wall street journal, The Trump administration is readying new rounds of sanctions against Syria, U.S. officials said, planning to expand its blacklist by focusing on financial-support networks outside the war-torn nation in a renewed effort to coerce Damascus into peace talks.

US officials said it was a fresh effort by the Trump administration to force Damascus into peace talks.

It also made clear that Washington seeks to obstruct the relations between Syria  and some countries such as the United Arab Emirates and Lebanon, The journal quoted Western officials as saying.

The newspaper reported that, As President Bashar al-Assad has secured military and political gains in recent months, the U.S. officials say that targeting the regime’s financial lifelines from supporters in other countries will escalate international pressure for a negotiated peace and political transition.

The efforts follow moves by the U.S. Treasury and State Department to sanction nearly three dozen individuals and businesses over the last two months, particularly focusing on Assad family members who the U.S. says form the core of the Syrian president’s power structure and help finance the regime.

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