The war with China and Russia could be destructive, US official says

The war with China and Russia could be destructive, US official says

Shafaq News/ The Pentagon said that the war goal with Russia and China would be destructive.

During a symposium organized by the Brookings Institution, the deputy commander of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US Armed Forces, General John Hyten, noted that the US has never fought the Soviet Union.

The General added that a war against Russia and China would "destroy the world and the global economy and that that day will be terrible."

Concerning Russia, Hyten noted the success of the dialogue with Moscow, saying that the "US had a good discussion with the Soviet Union and is now having a good dialogue with Russia." He added that the two sides are negotiating strategic stability related to the nuclear field and outer space.

Hyten mentioned that Russia and the US share an interest, "Because as different as we are, we do have a fundamental common goal, and that is to never go to war with each other."

In a new report issued in August, the US Congress indicated that Russia and China represent a potential threat to the US in space.

Prepared by the Congressional Research Service, the report stated that the rivals of the US have theoretically studied conducting war and focused on space systems as a weakness of the US.

It is noteworthy that a study published by the National Defense Strategy, conducted for the US Department of Defense in November 2018, confirmed the possibility of a US defeat if it was forced to fight an emergency war against Russia in the Baltic region or against China in a war on Taiwan.

The study indicated that the Americans might face a "crushing" military defeat.

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