Israeli soldiers injured in Gaza refuse to meet with Netanyahu: Israeli media

Israeli soldiers injured in Gaza refuse to meet with Netanyahu: Israeli media

Shafaq News/ Israeli soldiers injured in the country’s ground offensive in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday refused a visit from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a hospital in Jerusalem, Israel’s Channel 13 reported

This is not the first time that Gaza-injured soldiers have refused to meet with the controversial leader. A similar incident took place a week ago at a hospital in central Tel Aviv, according to the channel.

"I was in the (Hadassah) hospital and a medical staffer asked me if I want to meet Netanyahu. Of course, I refused," soldier Or Shneiberg said on X.

"Out of 18 injured fighters, 15 requested that he not enter their room."

"I am in Jerusalem, the stronghold of the Likud Party (led by Netanyahu). The change is palpable; the era of Likud has come to an end," he added.

The hospital, however, denied the reports, despite the soldiers’ accounts.

"Netanyahu passed among the wounded, who received him with great enthusiasm, encouraging their spirits. He assured them that Israel is committed to achieving complete victory," the channel quoted a statement by the hospital.

Last week, Netanyahu visited Sheba Medical Center in the Tel HaShomer neighborhood near Tel Aviv, where a number of injured soldiers also refused to meet with him.

According to figures released by the Israeli army, 164 soldiers have been killed and 874 others injured in fighting in the Palestinian territory since Oct. 27. Among those injured were 329 soldiers in serious condition.

Netanyahu’s government is under fire for the security lapses that allowed Hamas to cross the border from the Gaza Strip on Oct. 7 and carry out a surprise attack, killing some 1,200 Israelis, according to official figures.

An incident earlier this month in which three Israelis holding a makeshift white flag were shot and killed by Israeli forces has also drawn fierce criticism.

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