International outcry against Israeli attacks in Gaza intensifies, urgent calls for ceasefire and humanitarian aid

International outcry against Israeli attacks in Gaza intensifies, urgent calls for ceasefire and humanitarian aid

Shafaq News/ On Wednesday, the United Nations sounded a grave warning about the dangerous situation in the region, especially following the targeting of Al-Ahly Hospital in the Gaza Strip.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres declared that the fate of the entire Middle East region was at stake. He urgently called for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza, emphasizing the urgent need to alleviate the terrible human suffering the city’s residents endured.

Guterres directly appealed to Israel, urging to allow unrestricted access to humanitarian aid to meet the basic needs of the people of Gaza, the majority of whom are women and children.

The OIC condemned the Israeli attack on the hospital as organized terrorism and a war crime.

In a strongly worded statement, the OIC expressed its profound condemnation of the massacre resulting from the hospital’s targeting, categorizing it as a war crime and a crime against humanity.

The organization urgently called upon the international community to intervene, ending what it described as war crimes committed by Israel in Gaza. Additionally, the OIC demanded international protection for the Palestinian people, emphasizing the pressing need for immediate action.

In mourning for the victims and wounded in the Israeli bombing of the Al-Ahli Baptist HospitaHospital, the Arab League announced that flags would be flown at half-mast for three days. This symbolic gesture of mourning underlined the international community’s solidarity with the victims and their families, denouncing the indiscriminate violence in the region.

The WHO expressed deep concern about the rapidly deteriorating health situation in Gaza. The organization condemned the Israeli attack and revealed alarming statistics: 115 Israeli attacks on health facilities were recorded since the escalation of the conflict. Tragically, 15 Palestinian health workers were killed, 27 were injured, and 24 health facilities were damaged or destroyed, worsening the healthcare crisis in the region.

So far, Israel kills more than 3,000 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, mainly children and women.

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