Source: CF to choose next PM by majority voting

Source: CF to choose next PM by majority voting

Shafak News/ The political blocs related to forming the next government would hold a meeting in the coming days to determine the mechanism for forming the next government.

A government without the Sadrist Bloc

Since the change of the political regime in Iraq, this would be the first government formed without Al-Sadr, who withdrew from the political scene last week.

A source in Framework told Shafaq News Agency, "The leaders of the Shiite Coordination Framework (CF) would hold a consultative meeting to review the paragraphs of the government program, in preparation to discuss it with all political parties participating in forming the new government."

The upcoming meeting would be attended by political leaders exclusively, as they can "determine the firm position," taking into account some demands and requirements of other forces (the Al-Siyada and the Kurdistan Democratic Party).

Sunnis and Kurds

Concerning the oil file with the Kurdistan Region, the source explained, "The Framework gave a yellow light in preparation for resolving this issue, after which the green light will be released to schedule an agreement supervised by the Iraqi (SOMO) company about exporting oil, in addition to informing Baghdad of all of Kurdistan's new projects in this regard, as well as legislating the oil and gas law within two to three months after forming the government."

The source pointed out that the "Al-Siyada Alliance demands from the next government to continue funding projects to restore the infrastructure of the liberated governorates (Saladin, Al-Anbar, and Nineveh) and pay the farmers' dues."

Government program

The source explained the government program: "The next government would focus on three essential and priority axes, including creating job opportunities, especially for graduates, activating the private and mixed sectors, empowering the investment, Service, health and energy files.

"The next government may be formed in the middle of next August, after the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, returns to the political process because his presence is essential."

Prime Minister

The source confirmed that the Framework's forces agreed to choose the net prime minister by voting.

"The Framework would present several candidates for the position, and whoever takes the highest number of votes would be the next prime minister."

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