Kurdistan government investigates corruption amounting to 40 million dollars at the border ports of the region


Shafaq News / Change Movement bloc in Kurdistan Regional Parliament announced on Wednesday that it had filed a legal lawsuit against former Finance Minister ,Ribaz Hamlan regarding his approval to enter banned table eggs in all of Iraq, noting that the regional government has formed an investigative committee with financial corruption issues related to the border ports in the region .

The head of the bloc, Ali Hama Saleh said in a press conference held today in Erbil, "We filed a legal case through the Public Prosecution and Prosecution Authority against a general manager who had the approval of the former Finance Minister to enter 300,000 cartons of eggs into Kurdistan Region at the time when that item was prevented from entering by a decision From the regional government and the federal government because of bird flu. "

He added, "The approval letter for the introduction of this quantity of eggs took place on the pretext that this material is sent to Syria and western Kurdistan," noting that "after serious follow-up it was found that these quantities of eggs did not enter Syria or western Kurdistan, but were distributed to the local markets in Kurdistan Region, and even if they are exported to Syria and western Kurdistan, are not these people? "

Saleh added that "the volume of financial revenues accrued from the introduction of that food item amounted to millions of dollars, if this had not been stopped," noting that "the introduction of this item was witnessed evading the payment of the transit tax as well as it is a prohibited entry to Kurdistan Region" .

In another axis of the conference, "A serious follow-up was made to all border outlets in Kurdistan Region from Ibrahim Khalil to Bashmakh and the total financial corruption that was monitored in those outlets amounted to 40 million dollars," revealing that the regional council of ministers ordered the formation of an investigative committee and decided to conduct a review of all contracts at those outlets.”

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