Presidency of Iraq is not exclusive to a party, KDP leading member says


Shafaq News/ Iraq's Presidency is a right of the Kurdish community in the country and not a monopoly for a party itself, a leading member in the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) said on Sunday.

Shwan Muhammad Taha told Shafaq News Agency, "no position is exclusive to any party in Iraq. This applies to the Presidency of the Republic. It is an entitlement of the Kurdish community."

"Prime Minister is Shiite. Parliament Speaker is Sunni. These positions are not for political parties. They belong to the community."

" After the elections, the course will be set to choose who will be the President of the Republic; the same is for the other positions."

Since the establishment of the first government, applies customs stipulate that the President of the Republic shall be a Kurd, a member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in particular.

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