Medical school students in al-Sulaymaniyah launch a project to support low-income patients


Shafaq News / A group of al-Sulaymaniyah Medical College students announced on Monday establishing a charitable project to support patients in need in the city.

The project founder, Aphrodite Kamel, a fifth-year student at the Faculty of Medicine, said, "The idea of ​​the project began four months ago, when I offered some of my old clothes to a family in need. I noticed that they were not satisfied because of their different sense of style, or size..." 

She continued, "I started collecting clothes from donors and selling them to others, and collecting their money to pay doctors' wages, laboratory tests, and drugs to poor patients. The journey started

with 300 pieces."

She explained, "We launched a website 'Buy and donate'. We enlisted a phone number for those who wish to donate clothes."

Kamal added, "thanks to this project, we were able to collect one million dinars. So far, we have helped four patients, and we continue our efforts to provide medical services for more people in cooperation with doctors."

"Our ambition is to establish a charitable organization in the future after we graduate and provide humanitarian services to the people in need," she indicated.

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