Leader Barzani: our alliances are not based on hostility toward others

Leader Barzani: our alliances are not based on hostility toward others

Shafaq News/ The head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Masoud Barzani, said the Iraq political situation is "complicated."

In an interview with the Egyptian newspaper, Al-Wafd, leader Barzani said, "there is a deep crisis, due to the complications after announcing the results of the recent (parliamentary) elections," revealing "talks and initiatives to resolve these intractable problems."

Concerning the Framework movements after the withdrawal of the Sadrist bloc, the KDP head stressed that "things are still at their beginning…We have friendly ties with al-Sadr that are not linked to alliances."

On the Kurdistan Democratic Party's alliances, Barzani explained, "our alliances are not based on hostility to others. On the contrary, we believe that any coalition must be built on unifying national fundamentals based on the constitution."

He added that the KDP alliances aim to "preserve the people's gains and work to serve citizens, meet their basic needs, and solve problems."

Regarding choosing the next Iraqi Presidency, which is a Kurdish entitlement, Barzani stressed, "the Democratic Party has already had a candidate for the presidency."

While the PUK insists on naming Barham Salih for a second term, its rival (Kurdistan Democratic Party-KDP) named Rebar Ahmed as its candidate for the position.

Per the power-sharing formula between the two leading Kurdish parties, the President of the Republic was usually named by the PUK. However, this might change in light of the parliamentary election results that saw the KDP securing 31 seats, compared to the PUK's 17.

Despite many meetings and discussions, KDP still adhered to its candidate.

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