Leader Barzani: insulting the religious authorities is not part of the Kurdish people's culture


Shafaq News/ On Monday, the Kurdish leader, Masoud Barzani, condemned the "insult" to the religious authority, stressing that this behavior is "incompatible" with the morals and values of Kurdistan.

"We strongly condemn offending the religious reference and abusing the sacred and supreme personnel. It is unacceptable in any way…such behaviors have no place in the culture and principles of the Kurdish people and the Kurdistan Democratic Party." Barzani said in a statement.

"The people of Kurdistan strongly appreciate and respect religious symbols and the Long history of friendship… the respect among the immortal Mullah Mustafa Barzani, Ayatollah (Muhammad Baqir) al-Hakim and the martyr (Muhammad Baqir) al-Sadr is the best proof of that." He added.

The Kurdish leader also condemned setting fire to the Kurdistan Democratic Party office in Baghdad.

Earlier today, The Kurdish Ministry of Interior announced arresting Nayef Kurdistani after sharing a tweet they considered "offensive" to the Iraqi Supreme Religious Authority.

Before the arrest, angry demonstrators destroyed and broke fire into the Kurdistan Democratic Party's headquarters in Baghdad.

The KDP strongly condemned Kurdistani's tweet and considered it "very far from the Barzani legacy and morals," expressing full respect for the Iraqi Supreme Religious Authority.

The Party confirmed that Kurdistani is not a member of the KDP.

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