KRG Minister dicuss Peshmerga reforms with US Consul General in Erbil

KRG Minister dicuss Peshmerga reforms with US Consul General in Erbil

Shafaq News/The Peshmerga Minister of Iraq's Kurdistan region, Shoresh Ismail, met with the US Consul General in Erbil, Mark Stroh, on Thursday for talks on the ongoing reform process in the Peshmerga Ministry.

An official readout by the ministry said that Ismail received the US consul and an accompanying military and diplomatic delegation. The meeting was attended by Deputy Minister Abdul Khaliq Baber, Chief of Staff, and Director of Relations and Coordination in the Peshmerga Ministry.

"The two sides discussed the political and military situation in the region, the presence of US troops and senior advisers in Iraq, and the continuation of the strategic relationship between the United States and the Kurdistan Region," it added.

Ismail stressed the "important role played by American diplomats, military advisers, and politicians in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq."

He said that "the American people and government are a true ally and friend of the Kurdistan Regional Government."

"They have provided support at all different stages. In the Peshmerga Ministry, they have also provided us with support and cooperation in the reform process to ensure its success and remove obstacles to the process, in order to build a strong unified force."

Ismail commended the US diplomat's efforts" to strengthen the strategic and military relations between the Kurdistan Region and the United States." He also expressed hope that tensions in Iraq and the Middle East would end as soon as possible.

For his part, the US consul general said that "the Peshmerga are a national force that has played an key role in the past, present, and future in fighting terrorism and eliminating extremism in the region."

Regarding the reform process, the US consul explained that "reorganizing and unifying the Peshmerga forces within the framework of the reform bill is a difficult task that requires the cooperation and support of everyone. In this regard, we will continue to support the process to ensure its success in the Peshmerga Ministry."

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