Death toll rises to four after gas cylinder explosion in Iraq's Duhok, official


Shafaq News/ Four people were killed and 43 injured when a gas explosion leaked from a cylinder above a student dormitory in Duhok, Iraqi Kurdistan.

The Duhok's police director, Brig. Gen. Fakhri Ahmed said the explosion killed four people, including two police officers who helped extinguish the fire.

The death toll reached four, while 43 were wounded, some in critical condition. He reported.

A medical source told Shafaq News agency that later another policeman died.

Last week, another explosion occurred at a house in Al-Sulaymaniyah due to a gas leak, leaving 15 people dead and 12 injured.

The President of the Kurdistan region, Nechirvan Barzani, said, "the recurrence of gas explosion incidents is a serious and dangerous matter; therefore, the concerned authorities should monitor the gas system and take safety measures to prevent any more incidents."

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