Barzani: some parties tried to destroy the KDP


Shafaq News / Kurdish leader Masoud Barzani said today that some people tried to destroy the Kurdistan Democratic party but failed to do so.

In a speech he made at the end of the 2022 forum, Barzani said that some parties have worked together to destroy the KDP.

He called on his party to assign him the mission to address "the defect" that accompanied the 14th conference, which is that no Yazidi candidate had won membership in the Central Committee of the Kurdistan Democratic Party.

"The real work begins in the next stage. We are serious and willing to organize the party, our relations with Baghdad and other Kurdish parties.

It is worth noting that the Kurdistan Democratic Party had renewed confidence in its president, Kurdish leader Masoud Barzani, while Nechirvan Barzani was elected as first vice president, and Masrour Barzani as the second deputy.

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