Barzani reveals reaching preliminary agreements with Baghdad


Shafaq News / The Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, Masrour Barzani, said on Sunday that preliminary agreements have been reached with Baghdad over the pending differences between Baghdad and Erbil.

A statement by Barzani's office said that the cabinet held its 100th meeting today, and discussed the outcomes of the delegation that visited Baghdad headed by Barzani last Wednesday, to look over the outstanding issues between the KRG and the federal government, including oil and gas law, the Kurdish share in the budget as well as the disputed territories.

The Kurdish delegation also discussed the Region’s share in the federal budget, planned to be submitted to the parliament this year.

For his part, the Kurdistan Regional Government's Coordinator for International Advocacy, Dindar Zebari, presented a report on the progress made in implementing the Kurdistan Region's plan for human rights.

The Prime Minister commended the ongoing implementation of the plan, and stressed his government's constant support and protection of human rights, and ensuring the implementation of a safe Democratic process.

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