Amid stalling the Kurdish-Kurdish negotiations, KNC delegation to arrive Kurdistan region


Shafaq News/ A source from the Semalka border crossing in northeastern Syria said a delegation from the Kurdish National Council (KNC) composed of members of the presidential body, arrived this morning, Friday, at the border crossing to enter the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

A source told Shafaq News Agency last month that resuming the Kurdish negotiations depends on the guarantees that the Deputy US Special Envoy for Syria, David Brownstein, can provide to KNC.

The source pointed out that " KNC called the Deputy US envoy and the commander of the SDF, Mazloum Abdi, to stop the security leaders of the Autonomous Administration from making accusations through media against the Council and the Rojava -Peshmerga forces."

It is noteworthy that the Kurdish National Council in Syria and the Kurdish National Unity parties entered into US-sponsored negotiations in the Autonomous Administration region in northeastern Syria in early April for “uniting the ranks of the Kurds in Syria and the participation of the Kurdish Council in administrating the Kurdish-led Autonomous.”

But the negotiations were suspended in the end of last year, due to the absence of representatives of the US State Department who were supervising the negotiations.

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