Al-Sulaymaniyah warns of floods sweeping parts of the governorate


 Shafaq News / The Civil Defense Directorate in Al-Sulaymaniyah Governorate warned on Tuesday that floods would invade some areas of the city's downtown.

The Directorate of Meteorology and Seismic Monitoring in Al-Sulaymaniyah expected that the governorate will be hit by heavy downpours in the upcoming days.

The Civil Defense Directorate urged the residents to consider extreme precautions, especially in areas in the lower areas of the governorate where the risks of flooding are the highest. The Directorate announced in a statement today that all preparations are being set for such emergent conditions.

Al-Sulaymaniyah topped the list of the rainiest governorates in Kurdistan Region during the past 24 hours.

According to the regional meteorological department, "Jawarta" area in Al-Sulaymaniyah has registered the highest rainfall levels with 23 mm.

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