Sadrists undermine the efforts to assemble a larger bloc; rivals adduce the constitution

Sadrists undermine the efforts to assemble a larger bloc; rivals adduce the constitution

Shafaq News/ Spokesperson to the Sadrist movement undermined the endeavors of some political parties to pull strings in an effort to assemble "the largest bloc". In contrast, a leader of the State of Law Coalition asserted that the Iraqi constitution recognizes the bloc with the largest number of MP's in the legislature's first session.

In a statement to Shafaq News Agency, leader of the Sadrist movement, Issam Hussein, said that some parties' efforts to blunt the Sadrist movement's victory by collaging a larger bloc are "attempts to put pressure upon the movement to acquiesce to project similar to the 2010 project."

"The same project that took over Adel Abdul-Mahdi's government and ignited the protests consequently. It attempted to put together a group of small blocs with a few seats to create a political opportunity in the upcoming period."

"However, this movement will not influence the Sadrist movement," he said, "the Constitution granted the bloc the right to form a cabinet because it secured the biggest number of seats."

On the other hand, a leader of the State of Law Coalition, Mohammad al-Sayhood, told Shafaq News Agency, "only the largest bloc can form the government, a group of allied political forces. This is coined in the Constitution and interpreted thoroughly by the Supreme Federal Court."

"So far, there are no agreements on forming political alliances to form the government. In fact, there is a convergence between different political forces from different communities. We may consider forming alliances after the announcement of the final results."

On March 28, 2010, the Supreme Federal Court of Iraqi ruled one day after announcing the results of the March 7 election that the “biggest parliamentary bloc” could be one formed after the polls.

The Federal Court's decision enabled the Coalition assembled by Nouri al-Maliki after the results announcement to trump Ayad Allawi's alliance that won the most seats in the election back then (92).

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