Al-Nujaba responds to Baghdad's statement regarding U.S. forces

Al-Nujaba responds to Baghdad's statement regarding U.S. forces

Shafaq News / Al-Nujaba Movement, one of the armed factions opposing the American presence in Iraq and closely affiliated with Iran, responded to a statement issued by the military spokesperson of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, condemning attacks against U.S. forces in Iraq.

In a statement, Al-Nujaba stated, "We regret the statement issued by the government's media office, in which they describe the military bases housing the occupying American forces as 'bases' of the Iraqi forces hosting the advisors of the international coalition present in Iraq upon an official invitation from the government."

The statement added, "These occupying forces wreak havoc and corruption in Iraq, violate sovereignty every day, every hour, by land and air. They entered Iraq through deceit, circumventing the agreement, as former Prime Minister Mr. Haider al-Abadi mentioned. Their helicopters and combat drones continue to violate the skies of Baghdad and the provinces without permission or approval from the government."

It continued, "The government does not know their numbers or the types of their forces, nor their movements between Jordan, Syria, Kuwait, and Iraq. Moreover, the Zionists are present in Iraq within these forces; they have permanent centers and bases within them. Such statements justify and legitimize the occupation, presenting an image that contradicts the harsh reality, indicating a lack of seriousness in removing the occupying forces and ending their presence in Iraq, as promised by the government before its formation."

The statement emphasized, "America deals arrogantly and haughtily with such statements from a country asserting its sovereignty. Unfortunately, some - for payment - attempt to circumvent and justify the presence of the occupation to escape embarrassment and the legitimate, national, and historical responsibilities. Such statements remind us of the post-2003 period when the United Nations and America themselves officially stated that American forces were occupying forces. However, some paid politicians and media figures come out and call them friendly or liberating forces to justify their occupation, deceiving the Iraqi society with such blatant lies."

It pointed out, "There is a decision from the Iraqi Parliament to expel the occupation, and yet America, with audacity, rejects that from successive governments. It has recently expanded its bases and increased their numbers."

The statement strongly emphasized, "clear and transparent positions, describing matters accurately, bring the government closer to the people, enhancing trust and credibility. Furthermore, let everyone know that the million-man demonstration and the Parliament's decision to end the occupation and its repeated violations of Iraq's sovereignty legitimize and justify its resistance at all levels."

"Standing in the path of resistance or in the path of expelling the occupier by any means represents a violation of the law, ethics, values, and national principles. Therefore, we hope for a unified stance from all of Iraq, government, people, and resistance, towards ending this odious occupation. The government should hold accountable those who beautify its presence to deceive society and reveal the true reality to the people", the statement concluded.

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