After 100 years, France appoints a new consul in Nineveh

After 100 years, France appoints a new consul in Nineveh

Shafaq News/ France appointed a general consul in Nineveh Governorate, northern Iraq.

On Tuesday, the governor of Nineveh, Najm al-Jubouri, said in a joint press conference with the French Ambassador to Iraq, Eric Chevalier, that "the French consul in Nineveh will join the first French consulate in Mosul as soon as possible."

Al-Jubouri added that during this period, the Consul will work from the French Embassy in Baghdad.

The governor deemed re-appointing a consul "a positive step that will greatly affect Nineveh's relationship with France and the cooperation in the fields of reconstruction, health, and education."

In turn, the new French Consul General in Nineveh, Jean-Christophe Augé, said French President Emmanuel Macron, during his visit to Mosul a year ago, directed to appoint a consul.

"Choosing a consul comes after nearly 100 years of the last consul in this city, and the new consul will conduct regular and close visits to the governorate." He said.

Ambassador Chevalier promised that in "the coming days, the Mosulis will see the outcomes of our efforts."

During his visit to Mosul, the French Ambassador met with the President of the University of Mosul and visited the Mosul Museum and the Franco-Iraqi Cultural Institute, where he opened an exhibition of paintings and photos in the Faculty of Fine Arts.

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