Iraqi forces arrest four ISIS terrorists, including a prominent leader


Shafaq News/ The Iraqi Military Intelligence Directorate reported, on Monday, that four wanted on "terrorism" charges were apprehended in two governorates.

In a statement, the Directorate's media office said three "terrorists" were ambushed in the Makhmur district and the Dora region and were handed to the relevant authorities.

Meanwhile, the Iraqi Security Media Cell reported that the General Directorate of Intelligence and Security detained a prominent ISIS leader in the Capital.

The terrorist was responsible for the so-called "Air Defense brigade" in the ISIS Nahawand Division in Saladin Governorate.

This year, Iraq will celebrate the sixth anniversary of its liberation and victory over the terrorist organization.

At its height, ISIS held about 40 percent of Iraq. By December 2017, it had lost 95 percent of its territory, including its most significant property, Mosul, Iraq's second-largest city.

Yet, ISIS still has sleeper cells in several Iraqi Governorates.

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