Baghdad-Tel-Aviv relations to be discussed in the Iraqi European tour, an Iraqi Politian said


Shafaq News / Mithal al-Alusi, a prominent secular politician revealed, on Monday, that the Iraqi delegation discussed the "normalization" of relations between Baghdad and Tel Aviv during its European tour.

Al-Kadhimi's European Tour which started on October 18 includes London, Paris and Berlin to conclude agreements in various fields.

Discussing the normalization will be in official and unofficial meeting in Europe.” Al-Alusi said to Shafaq News agency.

“Millions of Iraqis sent messages promoting for the normalization with Israel and Iraq is basically ready to normalize relations, and it desperately needs that". He added.

In a previous statement, Al-Alusi said, "All Iraqi politicians, who lived in the West have contacts with Israelis," noting that "the relationship between the two parties is great."

The leader of Ummah party had previously called on the government to normalize relations with Israel, as the United Arab Emirates did.

In 2008, The Iraqi government had accused Mithal al-Alusi of committing a crime by visiting Israel, a country Iraq considers an enemy.

Earlier in September, Iraqi Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein revealed Iraq's position of "peace with Israel", saying, "Iraq is committed to the decisions of the Arab summits."

In the same context, Ahmed Mulla Talal, the spokesman for the Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, said in a press conference last August that "Iraqi laws forbid normalization with Israel."

Like most Arab countries, Iraq has no diplomatic relations with Israel.

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