An ISIS "Emir" killed in a security operation in Nineveh


Shafaq News/ A senior commander of the Islamic State group has been killed in a security operation in Nineveh, Iraq's Federal Intelligence Agency said in a statement on Saturday.

The statement said that the operation was carried out under the auspices of the interior minister.

"The Federal Intelligence Agency, in cooperation with the Joint Operations Command and a force from Nineveh's Operations Command, managed to locate a hideout affiliated with the so-called Mount Badosh sector in Nineveh," the statement said.

A force from the agency, according to the statement, raided the hideout, which was a 15 meters long tunnel with five entrances, after clearing the vicinity.

"During the raid, the force engaged with the members of the terrorist gang inside the tunnel and killed the so-called Emir of the sector and two members of his group," it said, "inside a tunnel, the force found explosive vests and light weapons."

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