The South Refineries Company concludes Dhi Qar Refinery's preliminary contract


Shafaq News/ The state owned South Refineries Company had concluded a preliminary contract with the "Awsat" company, allied with Chinese companies, to execute the "Dhi Qar Refinery" project.

Dhi Qar's governor, Ahmed al-Khafaji, said in a press release issued today, Monday, "The South Refineries Company has informed the governorate administration about concluding a contract with the [Awsat] company and the Chinese Coalition operating with it. The project is expected to provide jobs to thousands of the Governorate residents, both in the construction and operation phase."

"The South Refineries Company is preparing the requirements for the beginning of the gigantic project. Land, water, and other logistics are being set," he added.

Al-Khafaji instructed the Directorates of Water, Agriculture, and the Real Estate Registration to expedite the work and cooperate with the executive company to meet the requirements as fast as possible.

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