Iraq to allow importing gold via Basra Airport 


Shafaq News/ The Iraqi Ministry of Transportation opted to open a third route for precious gold imports via the Basra International Airport, a statement said on Thursday.

The Commission of Border-crossings convened earlier today under the auspices of Major-General Adnan al-Waeli and the Director-General of the State-owned Land Transportation Company, Mortada Karim al-Shahmani. 

The statement said that the meeting discussed transferring the prerogatives of implementing border-crossing projects to the governorates per the Council of Ministers' Act 455 of 2021. 

The meeting also touched upon the regulations of gold importation and exportation movement via the airports of Najaf and Baghdad. The Commission approved reducing the fees of gold exportation and exporting more quantities while maintaining balance with the imports. It also approved accrediting the Basra International Airport as a third outlet for the precious metal's commercial movement.

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