Iraq ranks the third as a supplier of crude oil to China


Shafaq News / On Friday, customs data showed that Iraq was the third supplier of crude oil to China in August.

The data of the General Administration of Customs in China revealed that the largest suppliers to China in August were as follows: (from the largest)

·         Russia: 5.8 million tons of crude oil, about 1.37 million barrels per day.

·         Saudi Arabia: 5.26 million tons of crude oil about 1.24 million barrels per day.

·         Iraq: 4.5 million tons of crude oil, about  1.05 million barrels per day

It is noteworthy that the export of oil to China from Iraq fell 20 percent compared to the level of July, as a result of reducing production to compensate earlier failures in meeting OPEC+ reduction agreement.

The Chinese data also showed, "China's total purchases of crude oil in August fell from the very high levels recorded in July and June, and is expected to decline further in the coming months with the rise in stocks."

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