Dhi Qar: A project to eradicate unemployment


Shafaq News / The First Deputy Governor of Dhi Qar, Muhammad Hadi, revealed on Saturday the most prominent obstacles facing the inauguration of the industrial city, stressing that the industrial city should provide job opportunities for about 50, 000 individual, therefore eradicating unemployment in the area.

Hadi said in an interview with Shafaq News Agency, "The visit of the Minister of Industry Manhal Aziz to the governorate today and his meeting with the local government comes within the framework of the central government's efforts to inaugurate the industrial city in Dhi Qar."

While the total area of the industrial city amounts to 2000 dunums, factories that were established currently occupy an area of only 200 dunums, and their completion rate has reached nearly 90%.

Hadi pointed out that "the most substantial problems facing the inauguration of the city are water and electricity, and despite a ministerial contract signed with a company to deliver water to the city, the company is not working fast enough."

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