Over 1200 Americans die with Corona


Shafaq News / More than 1200 people died of corona virus infection in the United States within 24 hours, according to statistics published by Johns Hopkins University, Sunday.

The country reported 337,072 infections and 9,633 deaths, according to the university.

US President Donald Trump previously warned that his country was entering a "stage that would be really horrific" with "very bad figures" for the number of casualties.

But Trump returned on Sunday, revealing hopes that the United States would see "stability" in Corona virus crisis in some of the areas hardest hit by the country's outbreak.

"This may be a good sign," Trump told reporters, noting a decline in deaths in New York State.

"We started to see light at the end of the tunnel," he added.

The US President revealed that the most recent data indicates that "what we expected regarding the numbers of deaths from Corona virus was perhaps the highest estimate."

New York announced on Sunday, for the first time in a week, that the number of deaths decreased slightly from the previous day, but nevertheless, about 600 new deaths were recorded and more than 7,300 new cases.

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