Iran records more than 2500 new Covid-19 infections in 24 hours


Shafaq News/ The Iranian Ministry of Health announced recording 2,563 new Covid-19 cases during the past 24 hours along with 115 deaths.

 “2,563 new cases of Covid-19  were recorded, bringing the total number in the country to 192,439, of which 2,815 were infected with Covid-19  in critical conditions, 115 new deaths were recorded, the total rose to 9,065, “ a statement of the Ministry of Health revealed on Tuesday.

The Ministry pointed out that the number of people recovering from Covid-19 infections increased to 152,675, in addition to conducting 1293,609 Covid-19 diagnostic tests to date.

The Ministry indicated that the health status in Khuzestan, East Azerbaijan, West Azerbaijan, Khorasan, Lorestan, Hormuzgan, Kurdistan, Kermanshah, Klestan, Sistan and Balochistan provinces is dangerous.

Today's figures indicate a rise in the number of daily infections, compared to indicators on Monday at 2,449 new cases and 113 deaths.

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