By more than two billion $... Iraq tops the list of Turkish furniture importers


Shafaq News/Turkey's exports of home furniture from the beginning of 2014 to the end of 2018 have exceeded US $ 14.2 billion.

The states of Istanbul, Bursa, Ankara, Kayseri and Izmir are among the leading Turkish states in the home furniture industry.

According to data of the Turkish Statistical Authority, the value of exports of the sector during 2014, amounted to two billion and 970 million dollars and in 2015 amounted to two billion and 753 million dollars.

While the data of the Authority, showed the value of exports of the sector in 2016, amounted to two billion and 658 million dollars, and in 2017, amounted to two billion and 760 million dollars.

During the past year (2018), Turkey's exports of home furniture products amounted to 3 billion and 130 million dollars.

During the period from the beginning of this year, until the end of August, exports of the Turkish home furniture sector amounted to $ 2.06 billion.

Iraq ranked first among the most importers of Turkish home furniture, with $ 2.393 billion, followed by Germany with $ 972 million, Saudi Arabia third with $ 881 million, France fourth with $ 686 million, and the United States fifth with $ 484 million.

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