Widespread criticism of Biden threatens his electoral chances

Widespread criticism of Biden threatens his electoral chances

Shafaq News / A report published by “The Hill” indicated that President Joe Biden is facing significant criticism from drug advocates due to his failure to take a stronger stance on federal marijuana legalization.

Despite some efforts by the Biden administration in this regard, such as pardoning individuals convicted of minor marijuana possession and rescheduling marijuana under the Controlled Substances Act, advocates argue that these measures fall short of his campaign promises.

They contend that Biden should completely deschedule marijuana and effectively decriminalize it, rather than just easing penalties and restrictions, with progressive lawmakers in the Senate pushing for this change.

A Gallup poll showed a record 70% of Americans believe marijuana legalization is necessary, compared to only 19% who oppose it, with advocates suggesting this issue could attract young voters and African Americans, crucial for Democratic support and enthusiasm.

Hayley Matz Medvin, Executive Vice President of Communications, highlighted the widespread support for legitimizing marijuana and how this could benefit Biden in the upcoming elections.

Medvin stated, "Biden's competitor in the 2024 elections, former President Donald Trump, is neck and neck with him in polls, with the elections boiling down to a few thousand voters in swing states," noting that "Biden's supporters criticize him for not fully delivering on his promise to decriminalize marijuana and hope to see clear progress on this issue."

Advocates also argue that Biden's actions regarding marijuana reform will indicate whether he is a "progressive leader," potentially impacting voters in key states like Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, and Wisconsin.

They emphasize the importance of linking marijuana reform with criminal justice reform and other promises Biden has made to states in general, believing that bolder actions on marijuana legalization could help Biden attract young voters and make a strong statement about criminal justice reform.

Marijuana legalization in the United States has seen significant progress, with over 30 states legalizing medical marijuana and around 18 states permitting recreational use.

Despite state-level changes, marijuana remains illegal at the federal level, posing legal complexities and challenges.

Legalization has generated substantial tax revenue, created jobs, and reduced arrests, but concerns persist regarding health risks, youth usage, impaired driving, and equitable enforcement.

Racial disparities in marijuana enforcement have prompted calls for reform, highlighting the need for social justice measures.

Regulatory frameworks for legal markets are essential for ensuring consumer safety and preventing illicit activities.

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