White House releases first time COVID-19 data


Shafaq News/ The White House COVID-19 team released Community Profile Report and state profile reports that were not allowed to be published during Trump’ administration.

The CPR is generated by the Data Strategy and Execution Workgroup in the Joint Coordination Cell, under the White House COVID-19 Team.

In a tweet, White House COVID-19 Data Director Cyrus Shahpar shared the state profile reports (SPR), which give week-by-week analyses of coronavirus changes per state.

“First post: We are now sharing previously hidden weekly COVID-19 state profile reports with the public. Thanks to data team” he said.

The data included in the SPRs notes the numbers of COVID-19 cases is a daily snapshot in time that focuses on recent COVID-19 outcomes in the last seven days and changes relative to the week prior, provides additional contextual information at the county and state levels, and supports rapid visual interpretation of results with color thresholds.

HealthData.gov indicated that additional reports would be released.

SPR profiles are designed to provide "contextual information at the county and state levels" by providing "visual interpretations of results with color thresholds," the reports note.

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