US supports Israeli hostage rescue operation in Gaza

US supports Israeli hostage rescue operation in Gaza

Shafaq News / The American hostage task force in Israel provided crucial support for a mission that successfully rescued four hostages in Nuseirat, central Gaza.

The US official did not disclose specific details about the nature of the support provided to Israel for the release of the hostages, who had been held by Hamas since October 7, as reported by Axios.

Reacting to the hostage rescue operation, US President Joe Biden welcomed the successful release of the Israeli hostages. "We will not stop working until all hostages are back home and a ceasefire is achieved. This must happen," Biden said.

Previously, Washington had offered Israel sensitive intelligence to help locate Hamas leaders and identify tunnels in exchange for Israel holding back on a large-scale invasion of Rafah.

Hamas Response

Responding to the US support in the hostage rescue operation, Hamas stated, "The revelations by American and Hebrew media about US participation in today's criminal operation reaffirm the complicit role of the US administration and its full involvement in war crimes committed in Gaza."

Hamas added in a statement that the news "contradicts the US's publicly stated positions on the humanitarian situation and its concern for civilian lives."

Furthermore, Hamas asserted that it still holds the majority of hostages and is capable of increasing the number.

The Nuseirat Operation

Israeli military spokesperson Daniel Hagari stated that four hostages were freed in a joint operation by the army, Shin Bet, and the police in Gaza.

Hagari said that the operation was executed based on intelligence and operations by Shin Bet and the YAMAM unit, describing it as "complex."

The health condition of the rescued hostages was reported as good, and they were transferred to Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer for further medical examinations.

Several Israeli ministers expressed their joy and sense of "victory" following the release of the four hostages from Hamas captivity.

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant declared, "We will continue fighting until 120 hostages return home."

In contrast, Hamas political bureau chief Ismail Haniyeh stated that Israel cannot impose its will on the movement, adding that "Hamas will not agree to any deal that does not ensure the security of our people first and foremost."

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