US soldiers prepare for deployment to Syria and Iraq

US soldiers prepare for deployment to Syria and Iraq

Shafaq News/ Soldiers from New Jersey are joining the fight against an Islamic militant group in the Middle East. This will be the largest deployment of New Jersey Army National Guard soldiers since 2008. CBS News reported.

According to CBS, Lt. Col. Omar Minott is among 1,500 New Jersey Army National Guard soldiers deploying to Iraq and Syria. This is his fifth deployment to the Middle East, he said.

His deployment is part of Operation Inherent Resolve, a military campaign to defeat ISIS.

"We have the people we need, we have the training that we need, we have the equipment that we need to fight and win," Minott said.

"By doing your part to support Operation Inherent Resolve, you are protecting peace and prosperity not only for our state, our country, and the entire free world," Murphy said.

Minott said he's ready for the dangers ahead, but being away from his family for ten months won't be easy.

"With a two-parent household, having me leave is a challenge with our four kids," Minott said. "But my wife is, she's pretty strong."

"Daddy's being deployed to Iraq," Danielle Pruser, who has an 11-month-old daughter, said. "This is his second deployment, so we'll be excited when he comes back."

CBS News pointed out that soldiers will first head to Fort Bliss, Texas, for training before going to the Middle East. Family members said they're praying for their loved ones' safe return.

In the meantime, families plan to keep in touch by writing letters and talking on Skype.

"It's a little different now than when I first came in when you had to stand in line for the one phone and wait to get connected," Minott said.

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