US drone kills two Al-Qaeda militants in Yemen’s Marib


Shafaq News/ Two Al-Qaeda members were killed by a US drone in Yemen.

Sources told Sputnik that the US air strike shook a house in the Houson Al-Jalal region in the Wadi Abeda district, east to Maareb, killing two and injuring another.

The incident is the last in a series of similar strikes on Al-Qaeda in Yemen.

Last January, a drone struck a vehicle carrying three al-Qaeda militants near a fuel station in the Wadi Ubaidah district in Marib province.

Local media said Hassan al-Hadrami, an al-Qaeda explosives expert, was among those killed in the attack.

For years, the US carried out airstrikes against al-Qaeda elements in Yemen, some of which killed prominent leaders of the terrorist organization.

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