UN: Terrorists Planning Post-Lockdown Attacks


Shafaq News/ the United Nations (UN) reported that terror groups such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda are planning to reassert their notoriety after over a year of absence from the media spotlight.

 In an intelligence report based on data collected by its member states, the UN warned of a “rash of pre-planned attacks” expected to strike when the world reopens from the pandemic, Euroweekly stated.

Euroweekly cited that the international observer says that ISIS is eager to end “its marginalization from the news” and has recently told its supporters to spend their time planning attacks against the terror group’s perceived enemies.”

The UN report says that ISIS propaganda claims Covid-19 to be a “divine punishment of arrogance and unbelief” against westerners and non-adherent Muslims.

Despite the risk of future attacks, both ISIS and Al-Qaeda are facing difficulties. ISIS has lost most of its heartland in the Levant of Syria and Iraq after years of heavy fighting, while Al-Qaeda has lost many key members and has been largely unsuccessful in its attempts to unite jihadist groups in Africa’s Sahel region.

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