Turkey detains another suspect in planning attack in Istanbul

Turkey detains another suspect in planning attack in Istanbul

Shafaq News/ Turkish Police have detained the man who planned the attack in Istanbul, the Hürriyet newspaper reported.

On Sunday, the explosion in the street of Istiklal in central Istanbul killed six people and injured more than 80.

Turkish local media said Amar Jarkas was the mastermind of the bombing, he tried to flee to Bulgaria, but the authorities arrested him.

Jarkas entered Turkiye a year ago. He was apprehended after monitoring a phone call from Qamishli, in which the speaker asked to kill Ahlam al-Bashir, the woman who planted the explosive device, to interrupt the investigation.

Al-Bashir confessed to links with Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK). But later, PKK denies any involvement.

According to Hurriyet, the woman, who was traced by raiding 21 addresses and identified as Syrian national Ahlam Albashir, first went to Esenler and then to Küçükçekmece after dropping the bomb, the daily Hürriyet reported.

The suspect reportedly stated in her interrogation that she was trained as a "special intelligence officer" by the PKK/YPG that she joined.

Albashir was apprehended at the address alleged to have been identified through other suspects detained 10 hours after the attack.

A large amount of foreign currency and gold was found in the house, where the bomb disposal expert police searched for explosives. In addition, a loaded pistol and a box of bullets belonging to the woman were seized.

The camouflage pants and boots she wore during the attack were also found in the house.

Istanbul police said 50 people were detained in total, specifying that the explosive used in the attack was TNT.

The suspects would have been smuggled to Greece if they had not been caught, Interior Minister Soylu said earlier.


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