Teenagers jump into Trump’s resort

Teenagers jump into Trump’s resort

Shafaq News /US police said that three teenagers carrying a semiautomatic gun in a backpack jumped a wall at President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago.

According to a police report, a Palm Beach officer spotted the teens sitting in a parked car on Friday morning about 3 kilometers north of Mar-a-Lago. When he turned on his overhead lights, the car sped south toward Mar-a-Lago.

As they approached the club, the teens spotted a second officer who was conducting an unrelated traffic stop and abruptly stopped the car, probably thinking it was a roadblock set up to catch.

The three bolted, jumped Mar-a-Lago's nearby wall and hid on the resort's grounds. Officers surrounded the club and a helicopter and police dog were used to help find them. Ogrodnick said they never tried to get inside any of the resort's buildings.

Palm Beach Police spokesman Michael Ogrodnick said “the 15-year-old boys were arrested shortly, after they entered the resort and dumped the backpack”

He added that “they are lucky that neither the president nor any family members were there, because Secret Service agents might have shot them”.

The teens are charged with trespassing and burglary with a firearm, and resisting arrest without violence. They are being held at a juvenile detention facility while prosecutors decide whether to charge them as adults.

It is noteworthy that Mar-a-Lago has been the scene of several intrusions since Trump became president in 2017.

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