Netanyahu to Biden: War won't end without our objectives met

Netanyahu to Biden: War won't end without our objectives met

Shafaq News/ Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded on Friday evening to U.S. President Joe Biden's proposal for ending the war in the Gaza Strip, which includes a three-stage roadmap.

The Israeli Prime Minister's Office issued a statement asserting Netanyahu's determination "not to end the war until all its objectives are achieved."

"The Israeli government is united in its desire to return the captives as quickly as possible and is working to achieve this goal," the statement added.

Netanyahu has tasked the negotiating team with outlining the steps to achieve the goal of returning the captives held in the Gaza Strip, according to the statement.

Earlier on Friday, Biden unveiled an Israeli roadmap for a ceasefire in Gaza and the release of hostages, asserting that the plan would facilitate Tel Aviv's integration into the region and pave the way for a historic normalization agreement with Saudi Arabia.

"It is time to start a new phase where the hostages return to their homes, this war ends, and the next day begins," Biden said.

The US President detailed the three-phase Israeli proposal to end the conflict: the first phase includes the return of Palestinians in Gaza to their homes; the second involves the exchange of all live prisoners, including Israeli soldiers; and the third focuses on the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip.

Furthermore, Biden noted that the proposal includes a six-week cessation of hostilities in the first phase, expressing his concern about the potential for increased global isolation of Israel if the plan is not executed.

"Israel wants to ensure that Hamas cannot carry out another attack similar to that of October 7th. Therefore, I urge the Israeli leadership to stand behind the new deal proposal despite any pressures," Biden emphasized.

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