Music professionals advocate for Israel's exclusion from Eurovision 2024

Music professionals advocate for Israel's exclusion from Eurovision 2024

Shafaq News / Musicians and artists from Finland have signed a petition urging the exclusion of Israel from participating in the "Eurovision 2024" competition due to alleged "war crimes" committed in the Gaza Strip.

Activist Lucas Korpiilainen, one of the organizers of this petition, shared its link on his Instagram page, and it has garnered over 1400 signatures from musicians and representatives of the music industry.

The petition is titled: "A Message from Music Professionals to Yle (Finnish Broadcasting Company): Boycott Israel in Eurovision!"

The participating musicians express their opinion that if the official organizer of the competition, the "European Broadcasting Union" (EBU), rejects the exclusion of Israelis, Yle should withdraw its participation and boycott the competition.

Protesters plan to collect signatures until January 15th, after which the petition will be submitted to the Finnish Broadcasting Company.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2024 is scheduled to take place in Malmo, Sweden, in May of this year, as the country earned the hosting rights after the victory of singer Loreen in the previous year's competition.

The conflict in the Gaza Strip has entered its 97th day, with ongoing military operations and clashes on various fronts. Today marks the beginning of a historic trial against Israel on charges of genocide in Gaza before the International Court of Justice.

Officials in the Israeli Ministry of Justice stated that the International Court of Justice can issue judicial orders against Israel, but it will not order a halt to the war in the Gaza Strip.

The lawsuit of "genocide" filed by South Africa against Israel is considered historic. South Africa has sent some of its prominent lawyers to The Hague for legal confrontation in the International Court of Justice to compel Israel to stop its devastating attack on the Gaza Strip, which has resulted in approximately 30,000 deaths and missing persons, and hundreds of thousands of wounded and displaced individuals.

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