More than 600 Ba'athist planes were destroyed during Iraq-Iran war, senior Iranian military official says


Shafaq News / The Commander of Army Air Defense Force said that salient progresses and achievements made in the research fields are completely ‘tangible’.

Speaking among commanders and personnel of Army Air Defense Force on the occasion of commemoration ceremony of National Day of Air Defense, Brigadier General Alireza Sabahifard, Commander of Army Air Defense Force reiterated that significant and momentary progresses of Iran’s Air Defense Force in all science and research fields is ‘quite tangible’.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he reminded the "sacrifice and bravery" of combatants during eight years of "Sacred Defense" (Iraq-Iran war in 1980-1988), and stipulated that numerous successes during eight years of "Sacred Defense" were conducted under the auspices of Army Air Defense, the most important of which can be referred to the destruction of more than 600 Ba'athist planes, lack of closure of airports of the country and issue of export of oil, etc.

Benefited from various advanced radar, missile, detection, reconnaissance and cyber systems, Army Air Force has much to say both in regional and international arenas, Brigadier general Sabahifard added.

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