Lebanon files UN complaint against Israel, citing violations of resolution 1701

Lebanon files UN complaint against Israel, citing violations of resolution 1701

Shafaq News/ On Wednesday, the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs filed a complaint to the UN Security Council against Israel following Israel's earlier complaint accusing Lebanon of non-compliance with Resolution 1701. 

Resolution 1701, adopted unanimously by the UN Security Council on August 11, 2006, called for a complete cessation of hostilities between Lebanon and Israel. It also mandated the establishment of an area free of armed individuals, military equipment, and weapons between the Blue Line (dividing Lebanon and Israel) and the Litani River in southern Lebanon. 

The Lebanese ministry condemned what it described as "hostile actions" by Israeli forces against Lebanon since October 7, coinciding with the Israeli-Gaza conflict."  

The statement claimed that Lebanon's complaint included documented evidence of Israel's violations of Resolution 1701, accusing Israel of distorting facts and placing blame on Lebanon for sovereignty infringements. 

The Lebanese Foreign Ministry asserted that Israel's use of internationally banned phosphorus shells resulted in fires in the areas outside Aitaroun, Mays al-Jabal, and Blida, destroying 50,000 olive trees and civilian injuries from suffocation.  

The statement labeled these actions as clear violations of international humanitarian law, amounting to war crimes. 

The complaint also highlighted an incident on November 21, 2023, where an Israeli drone targeted a journalist team with two guided missiles, resulting in their deaths along with another civilian in the vicinity. 

The Lebanese Foreign Ministry argued that these actions, coupled with numerous Israeli military airstrikes in Lebanese airspace, constituted a violation of Paragraph 4 of Resolution 1701. This paragraph emphasizes the Security Council's strong support for the full respect of the Blue Line, the border between Lebanon and Israel. 

Last Friday, Lebanon submitted a complaint against Israel to the UN Security Council regarding an attack on the southern suburb of Beirut, leading to the death of Deputy Hamas leader Saleh al-Arouri and others. 

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