Jerusalem Post: Hamas outsmarts Israel, exploiting intel blind spots

Jerusalem Post: Hamas outsmarts Israel, exploiting intel blind spots

Shafaq News / The "Jerusalem Post" reported that Hamas cunningly outwitted Israel prior to the October 7th attack, stating that the Israeli army was "completely blind," let alone its strategic failure.

According to the Israeli newspaper, none of the Israeli security agencies understood this, not even the Shin Bet or Mossad, considering that had they been aware, they would not have left the Israeli borders unguarded.

Sources estimate that Hamas leaders Mohammed Dheif and Yahya al-Sinwar, who are under Israeli intelligence surveillance, worked covertly to convey the messages they wanted to send.

An Israeli security official confessed to the Israeli newspaper, stating, "No one understood it, not Aman (military intelligence), not the Shin Bet, not Mossad," adding, "Otherwise, they would not have left the borders unguarded without any significant response from land or air."

Israeli security sources believe that Dheif and al-Sinwar secretly transmitted messages while under Israeli intelligence surveillance.

According to assessments, Hamas meticulously prepared for the infiltration on October 7th, described by a senior official in the security apparatus as a "perfect deception exercise."

The Israeli security official outlined the tactics used by Hamas military leaders to convey messages.

He added that "it is likely that details, secret instructions, and general sentiments were preserved to be conducted face-to-face or through other means during conversations."

Furthermore, reports indicate that during "Operation Tropical Fruit" in 2018, Israeli army units installed listening devices in Hamas strongholds. Ultimately, some of these Israeli espionage tools, planted in Gaza in 2018, ended up in the hands of Hamas. It is likely they succeeded, with Iranian assistance, in decoding Israeli military tactics.

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