It’s raining drugs in Tel Aviv


Shafaq News / A drone dropped cannabis, on a main square in Tel Aviv, on Thursday, after activists, working to legalize the use of the drug in Israel, promised to distribute it free of charge from the air.

Israeli police said they arrested two men who flew the plane over Rabin Square, a place often used for protests and political rallies.

"The time has come ... is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it is a green drone that sends you cannabis for free from the sky," the advocacy group Green Drone said on Instagram.

The police said in a statement that they suspected that the small packages contained a dangerous substance, and that the officers were able to confiscate dozens of them. Pictures taken by the police showed what appeared to be Cannabis.

The Maariv news site, which published pictures of the drone dropping the drugs, said “some were taken by bystanders before the police arrived.”

The footage showed people in traffic jams picking up the cannabis from the ground.


Currently, Israel allows the medical use of cannabis, but does not allow its use for entertainment, although this is largely not criminal.


In May, Israel allowed the export of medical cannabis, paving the way for overseas sales that the government expects will generate millions of dollars in revenue.

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