Iranian resistance thwarted Saddam Hussein's ambitions, official says


Shafaq News / In a commemorative event held to mark the anniversary of the liberation of Khorramshahr city, Mohammad Hosseini, the Iranian Presidential Aide for Parliamentary Affairs, declared that "the Iranian people, in their phase of the Sacred Defense, thwarted the plans of former Iraqi regime leader Saddam Hussein," further emphasizing that Saddam Hussein "had delusions of occupying Iran within a mere week."

Addressing a gathering of professors, university faculty, and students at the Teachers' Education University, Hosseini recounted, "Saddam occupied this city, Khorramshahr, and took all necessary measures, envisioning it as an impregnable fortress. However, the champions of Islam transformed this dream into despair through their sacrifices, altering all material calculations."

Elaborating further, he stated, "Khorramshahr, which was seized by Saddam's henchmen, witnessed the resistance of its inhabitants for a grueling duration of 35 days, until the last bullet and the last breath. Consequently, it was liberated during the Beit al-Moqdis operations in 1982, infusing profound joy into the hearts of the Iranian people with this historic victory."

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