Hungarian PM backs Macron's statement on the cost of conflict in Ukraine


Shafaq News/ Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban called for a review of the sanctions against Russia, supporting what French President Emmanuel Macron said about the Ukraine conflict's cost.

"President Emmanuel Macron is right: the cost of the Russia-Ukraine War is not the same on both sides of the Atlantic (the U.S. and Europe). To survive the European industry, we must address the European energy crisis swiftly. It's high time to re-evaluate sanctions," Orban said on Twitter.

Earlier this week, the French President traveled to Washington, D.C. this past week for the first state visit of the Biden Administration.

In an interview with the CBS television channel, Macron stated that Brussels and Washington pay a different price for the situation in Ukraine. He also said that consumers in E.U. countries are forced to pay high costs for energy supplied by the United States, which negatively affects relations and the competitiveness of European countries.

"Yeah, we are very much engaged together in this war for the same principles," Macron said. "But the cost of this war is not the same-- on both sides of the Atlantic. And you should-- you should be very aware of that."

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