Historic milestone: first batch of mosque imams graduate in germany, including women

Historic milestone: first batch of mosque imams graduate in germany, including women

Shafaq News/ In a historic move, the Central Council of Muslims in Germany announced the graduation of the country's first batch of mosque imams, a group comprising men and women.

The 26 graduates received certificates from the Islamic Training College in Osnabrück, marking a significant step for Islam in Germany.

Ayman Mazik, the chairman of the German-based Central Council of Muslims, expressed immense joy, considering this development a milestone for Islam in the country.

"For the first time, imams have been trained in Germany, receiving education in the German language. The training, which took place at the Islamic College in Osnabrück, qualifies them to serve as imams in mosques."

Former German President Christian Wolff, who serves as Chairman of the College's Board of Trustees, hailed the occasion as historic, emphasizing the importance of training imams in German. He stated that given the millions of Muslims residing in Germany, such training significantly contributes to integration.

The Islamic College in Germany was established in 2019 in Osnabrück, western Germany. The first batch of participants began their training in the summer of 2021. The college, funded by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, represents a collaboration between Islamic religious scholars from Germany and aims to train Islamic clerics and spiritual guides proficient in the German language.

People with a bachelor's degree in Islamic theology or an equivalent diploma are eligible for the program. It offers practical teachings in reciting verses from the Koran, preaching techniques, worship practices, and politics.

Germany is currently home to between 5.3 and 5.6 million Muslims – around 6.4 to 6.7 percent of the population; thus, Islam is a very important topic in society and political discourse.

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