Global outcry: worldwide protests erupt against Israeli aggression in Gaza

Global outcry: worldwide protests erupt against Israeli aggression in Gaza

Shafaq News/ A wave of international condemnation has swept across Arab, Islamic, and European capitals and cities as nightly protests denouncing the ongoing Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip escalate.

The outrage intensified following the bombing of the Ahli Arab Hospital in central Gaza, where most of the victims were women and children, fueling the anger of people worldwide over the suffering in Palestine.

In Baghdad, thousands gathered in Tahrir Square and the Adhamiya area, protesting against the American presence in Iraq and Israeli actions in the region. Demonstrators attempted to breach the Green Zone and march towards the U.S. embassy but were thwarted by security forces.

Beirut witnessed massive gatherings in various areas, notably in front of the French and American embassies and the United Nations headquarters.

Jordan's capital, Amman, saw substantial protests in front of the Israeli embassy, with demands for its closure and the expulsion of the ambassador, prompting heightened security measures.

Similar demonstrations unfolded in Kuwait, Doha, Cairo, and Damascus. Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, and Mauritania echoed the outrage with angry marches in multiple cities, decrying the loss of thousands of Palestinian lives due to Israeli airstrikes in Gaza.

Palestinians took to the streets in spontaneous marches in the West Bank, facing Israeli occupation forces in Jerusalem and various cities and camps. Violent confrontations resulted in injuries from live bullets and tear gas inhalation.

Tehran resonated with calls for the Iranian government to take a decisive stand against Israeli aggression, while Ankara witnessed demonstrators storming the Israeli embassy and consulate in Istanbul. The demand to "support Al-Aqsa and expel the Zionists" echoed through the streets.

As dusk fell in Ottawa, protesters gathered in front of the Prime Minister's Office, vehemently condemning the Israeli massacre. In Berlin, the German capital, a protest rally was held, met with a strong police presence attempting to disperse the crowd.

Swedish cities of Malmo and Uppsala echoed the global sentiment, denouncing the Israeli massacre. In Madrid, demonstrators gathered in front of the Foreign Ministry building, condemning the Israeli aggression.

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