Erdogan: they divided Iraq and Syria, aim to do it in Turkey 


Shafaq News/ Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday warned of "games" aiming to divide the Muslim communities in the world. 

"They divided Iraq with the blood of two million people that way and brought it to the brink of the division again. They divided and fragmented Syria with the blood of a million people, and they continue the exact same games," said Erdogan in a speech he delivered before a meeting of the ruling Justice and Development Party in Istanbul, without naming the sides orchestrating these alleged plots. 

"From Yemen to Arakan, from Turkistan to the Balkans, and from Palestine to Afghanistan, the same show with different manifestations is being run," he continued, "in our country, they are seeking to carry out similar scenarios: Sunni-Alawites, Turkish-Kurdish, Ansar and Muhajireen.

The Turkish President stressed that the Turks, through the silent revolutions they have carried out in the past 20 years," established a democratic state of law that guarantees the rights and freedoms of every individual in the country, regardless of the beliefs, origin, or sect."

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